Feverish Tales

I severely doubt that whatever I am going to write will make sense. I couldn’t remember the name of an aunt that lives right next to me and has done since I was seven (I’m currently 24, will be 25 in October, but I’m really holding on onto the last handful of weeks that divide […]

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Log 1 and 2 – 13/14.03

This is a failing experiment. I’m trying to write dow what I feel and what I’ve going through, so that I can hopefully separte myself from it and move on. It won’t be that easy, but I’ll try. I haven’t had a diary since I was in primary school. I refuse to write down stuff […]

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Playlist of unfinisheds

Beware: unedited, semi-ordered stream of consciousness. A collection of stuff thrown together like a playlist on shuffle – I have lots on my mind right now I cannot sand to see all this unfinished drafts all stacked together.

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